Bloom | Atlanta is a floral design + styling + product sourcing studio.  Primary work focuses on Florals for Sets whether that be movies or photoshoots as well as special, seasonal bloom deliveries. 

Styling and Product Sourcing have been the off-shoot of the designer to bring about the perfect ambiance to complete the look on digital film.  Please see Services for Package Details.



Bloom Atlanta is the brainchild of Katie Benson, who was professionally trained at the Atlanta School of Floral Design in Georgia, USA and Catherine Muller School in Paris, France.  She is inspired by high fashion, faraway countries and usually any kind of dessert.  Taking her love of florals and combining her own styling, sourcing and set design, she focuses on photoshoots and film within her range of work.  Working closely with brands to execute their vision and delivering exceptional florals coming all the way from the shores of Japan, to the vast fields in Holland and including the plains of her local Georgia, she takes her diverse knowledge and applies it to every aspect of her craft.  Using her extensive list of sources, she is able to provide props to enhance the set design of her shoots.  Thankfulness sums up her feelings the most, finding joy in the process and working alongside some of the most talented people in the creative industry.