Kat Brennan and I go back a ways.  10 years to be exact.  We first met in her hometown of Homer, Alaska when I had moved up there for a summer position.  It was lunchtime and there was a crowd of about 15 of us.  I had only arrived a few days back and was in the whirlwind of meeting many new faces.  I remember meeting her, thinking she had a cute style about her.  And that is pretty much it.  The rest of that summer we ran into each other a few times; as people do that live in a town of 1 stop light and 5,000 people. 

Apparently, second time's the charm because I moved back up to Alaska a few years later.  We reconnected and ended up doing things together if not daily, then on a weekly basis.  We hiked for wild blueberries, fished for halibut, went camping next to waterfalls, laughed through the dusky night during beach bon-fires, watched the dumbest reality tv you could possibly imagine and spoke a lot about what we saw in our future.  

Funny enough, I like the way our future turned out in real life more than our dreams about them.  After I left Alaska for the second time we were better at staying in touch.  I watched her trek through South East Asia on social media and she watched me grow Bloom.  We had phone conversations about our significant others, trying to describe their captivating personalities as best we could without either one being able to meet them in person for years.  

Kat moved down to Atlanta with her beau and her dog in late 2016.  It has been fantastic having her around to not only be my friend and grab drinks on any given night of the week, but to also work alongside.  Below is our first shoot we did together in an abandoned greenhouse on a chilly afternoon in Atlanta.  A yoga teacher in Atlanta I am most particularly fond of modeled for us.  My favorite photos are the in between of the perfect shots, mostly because it reminds me of that day.  Also because to me this is where life is lived, in the in between, the process of coming to "that shot" is mixed with laughter, shivering in the winter, sitting in traffic for what seems like an eternity to get on location and golden lighting.  #magic

Jess Greenhouse 1
Jessica Greenhouse 2
Jessica Greenhouse 3
Jessica Greenhouse 4
Jessica Greenhouse 5
Jessica Greenhouse 7
Jessica Greenhouse 8
Jessica Greenhouse 9
Jessica Greenhouse 10
Jessica Greenhouse 11
Jessica Greenhouse 12


Photographer: Kat Brennan of Tide and Timber

Florals: Muah xx

Model: Jessica Taylor *featuring her insanely amazing tattoos - all the heart eyes you guys.