One of the many dreamy things I get to do is work alongside the creative team at Accent Decor.  They sell beautiful vases and decor to businesses.  Floral Designers, Interior Decorators and Home Decor is where the majority of their business stems from.  As a wholesale company it is their job to research trends not only one season ahead, but many.  There are trips taken globally to ensure they have a pinpoint on what will be selling this time next year.  One of the trends I had the pleasure of working on was a theme entitled Wanderlust.  Its has a collected feel about it, which is one of my favorite decorating styles as of late.  This story included sun-faded, diamond woven textiles to glowing silver lanterns.  Colored depression glass and terracotta pots filled with rich flowers of deep reds to the lightest of pinks and emerald greens completed the look.

Ian and Zoe from Botanica Design flew up from Florida to construct these looks below.  Ian, who owns Botanica, hails from Scotland and teaches high level floral design in his kilt to further instill his class theme of a Scottish Wedding.  Once I heard of all that the class entailed I promised myself that I would have to travel to see him in action as the florals and lecture sound truly amazing.  This has still not taken place as of yet, but a girl can dream.  Zoe is his talented daughter who taught me many tricks to setting a table properly, it was like a Pretty Woman lesson in the photo studio.  *laughing emoji*

I assisted with the product sourcing for this shoot and acquired the plates, flatware and even the pomegranates!  {It is quite delicious on set after the photos are captured, and no one ever seems to mind}  The photographs turned out stunning from this shoot and it even ended up on the cover of Accent Decor's major January Catalog of their over 4,000 products.  

My personal favorite piece that I found for the shoot were these antique white plates with orange, gold and navy blue detailing.  It brought together perfectly the look just as I had imagined it while having the AD products shine.  

AD Wanderlust 1
AD Wanderlust 2
AD Wanderlust 3
AD Wanderlust 4
AD Wanderlust 5
AD Wanderlust 6


Photographer: Rebecca Stanley

Floral & Decor: Ian Prosser  & Zoë Gallina

Prop Sourcing: *raises hand*

Product: Accent Decor